The N-cap team have been involved in the marine industry for over 20 years. Our experience in specialist ship containment has led us to develop innovative solutions to many of the issues faced during construction and maintenance of naval and commercial vessels.

N-cap encapsulation methods will contain all pollutants and hazards allowing projects to meet environmental guidelines and legislation while providing unparalleled weather protection, minimising down-time.

Our unique containment and protection solutions are tried and tested. N-caps application process and materials have been approved by international maritime and defence authorities and have been used across the globe to deliver service that has met and exceeded clients requirements.

Our specialist services include the following:

  • Creating enclosers for new ship build, interal or external during fabrication.
  • Any dock yard requirements, including during specialist projects.
  • External hull containment during painting, blasting or upgrades.

Our services can be utilised anywhere in the world and our team members can supply rapid solutions to marine containment and protection issues internationally.


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